Car tints

Car tints

At Carglass® you can install window films on your car (sunscreen and safety) simply by visiting one of our company branches.

Sunscreen films

  • They repel 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • They reduce the heat transferred inside the car by up to 20 °C.
  • They reduce glare creating better visibility conditions.
  • They contribute to fuel economy due to reduced use of air conditioning.

Safety films

  • They provide maximum protection in the event of a malicious act/accident.
  • They protect passengers from injuries of glass pieces by holding them back in case the side window breaks.
  • They have maximum anti-scratch protection on the car's windows.

The films we install at Carglass® come with:

  • Fitting certificate
  • warranty
  • sticker badge
The film we install
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