Electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicle charging station

Charge your Electric car at Carglass®

At Carglass® we offer the charging service for electric vehicles, in our company stores,

Carglass® electric car charging stations are available for use 24 hours a day through the Evziiin© app.

Carglass® Electric Car Charging Stations

On the front and side sections of the stations you will find detailed instructions for using the charging stations, as well as important indications that you should know before, during and after charging your car.

The charging process on the Carglass® network is very easy. Just follow the steps below to charge your electric vehicle easily, quickly, and safely!

Download the app, connect to the EVZIIIN© network and charge your car!

To charge your vehicle, download the EVziiin© app on your smartphone and create a profile:  https://www.evziiin.com/app

With this app you have access to the entire Carglass® Charger Network and can view:

  1. The availability of chargers, choosing the Lightning
  2. Our pricing policy
  3. Your reservation for the charger of your choice

Remember! Before the charging session you are required to have send to your EVziiin© account the amount you will spend during the charging. Topping up the balance can be done easily and securely using your card.

To charge your electric vehicle, scan the QR Code located on the front of the charger.  

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