Windshield repair

Windshield repair

Chips in vehicle windscreens? At Carglass® we offer immediate windshield repair in just 30 minutes!

At Carglass® we have developed exclusive and patented tools that serve over 11,000,000 motorists in 35 countries and 5 continents annually! The Research and Development department of our group, Belron® Technical, consists of specialized professionals with global know-how, who develop innovative tools in vehicle glass repair & replacement, setting the industry standards.

On every job, our technicians make exclusive use of our cutting-edge tools, ensuring the quality of proper windshield repair and the safety of the driver and passengers. Through our exclusive patented ART® technology, which offers 40% better results than any other method, we offer a lifetime warranty on every windshield repair.

Windshield Repair: When Can It Be Done?

Our goal is to provide the best service for our customers. That's why we always try to repair your existing windshield first before replacing it with a new one, saving you time and money.

Important factors in windshield repair are the type, the size, and the location of the damage.

Fragment size of the windshield

1. Fragment Size

To repair the fragment on your car's windshield, the size of the damage must not be larger than a €2 coin.

2. Fragment Location

The fragment should be at a distance greater than 5 cm from the edge of the windshield.

Fragment Location of the windshield
Driver's field of view of the windshield

3. Driver's Field of View

The fragment should not be in the driver's field of vision, which is the area approximately 30 centimeters from the center of the steering wheel.

In cases of a broken windshield, repair is considered impossible, and the replacement is recommended for your safety.

Windshield repair at Carglass®

9 out of 10 impacts result in a crack, which is why at Carglass® we recommend that a cracked windshield must be repaired immediately! The process is completely environmentally friendly, 4 times cheaper than replacement, and the windshield recovers its original properties.

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