Windshield replacement

Windshield replacement

Although we always try to repair any damage to your car's windscreen, sometimes either the type or point of the dent are beyond repair or the damage is so extensive that the glass needs to be replaced. At Carglass® we can replace your car's glass in one of our corporate branches or via a mobile service unit at your location.

At Carglass® we install original glass manufactured according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. We source them from the world's biggest glass manufacturers and suppliers the automotive industry, ensuring that every glass installed is just as good as the original glass we replaced.

Auto glass replacement comes with a written warranty for as long as you own or use the vehicle.

Certified Windshield Replacement Procedure

The Belron® Way of Fitting (BWoF) method, applied by Carglass® Greece in the replacement of vehicle glass, is the only appropriate procedure in the entire industry. This method is followed by all the Group's technicians worldwide and has been certified by the leading Global Automotive Body, IMI. The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) is the only Professional Institute of the Motor Industry, authorized to assess and certify technicians and services.

ADAS recalibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS technologies now equip most modern vehicles, significantly improving active safety.

When replacing the windshield, the camera needs to be removed and reinstalled on the new windshield. In most of these cases - also according to the official instructions of the car manufacturers - the camera needs recalibration after replacing the windshield, to ensure the correct operation of the ADAS systems.

That’s why we have invested in the technology required to properly recalibrate the camera ADAS after a replacement windscreen to make sure that driver assist technology is working correctly when it’s back on the road.

ADAS Camera Configuration

Front windshield replacement

Follow a short demonstration below to see how Carglass® replaces a windshield. To learn more about our services call +30 213 011 0081, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or book an appointment through the online.

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