Windbreakers installment


At Carglass® we install Greek and German windbreaks.

Car windshields help to improve the conditions inside your car by circulating fresh air, even in harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow and protect you from the sun during summer days. At the same time, the wind breakers offer your vehicle a modern and aerodynamic design, with a perfect fit.

Windbreaks - Advantages

What do windbreaks help? Many drivers choose windbreakers for the multiple advantages they offer, including:

  • Protection for the interior of the vehicle from rain or snow and wind, with open windows.
  • Reduction of the temperature inside the vehicle in the summer.
  • Reduction of the noise created with open windows when driving on roads at high speeds.
  • Improvement of the aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Driving becomes safer and more comfortable.
Windbreakers on the car window
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