Clean headlight

Headlight demisting

The right lighting system is one of the most basic parts of the car that provides the driver and passengers safety. It is equally important when we drive to be able to see well and to be seen.

Modern vehicles are equipped with plastic headlights, for safety reasons, weight and durability. However, over the time, the environmental conditions, the sun, coke oxidation alter their purity, wearing down the surface which gradually becomes cloudy and yellow.

Thus, the headlights’ performance is reducing, and the diffused light is annoying for the drivers on the other side.

Driver fatigue is often due to poor visibility, resulting in serious accidents according to research conducted by the Motor Vehicle Lighting Institute. The research revealed that each year occur 2.8 million accidents, from which 23,000 are fatal collisions while 2,300 involve pedestrians.

It is therefore very important to keep the headlights of your vehicle properly maintained so that you can drive comfortably and safely.

Professional restoration

The restoration must be done by special professionals whowill restore your vehicle's headlights to their original condition using special machines, ensuring greater durability over the time.

At Carglass®, we use high quality techniques and products in headlight demisting, restoring the headlights of any vehicle type to their original condition within 60'.

Advantages of traffic light restoration

  • Safety and driving comfort
  • Savings since you avoid replacing the headlights
  • Successful MOT test
  • Noticeable improvement
The difference before and after the headlight demisting
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