Broken side glass

Side Glass Replacement

In most cases, if a side glass of your car is damaged, unlike the windshield, it will need to be replaced. At Carglass® we only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification glass sourced directly from your car manufacturer's supplier or other comparable suppliers, ensuring that every glass fitted is as good as the original glass we replaced.

If your vehicle is exposed to the elements, until the damage is repaired, you can use our FREE protective film installation service by stopping by any of our stores WITHOUT an appointment.

Side window replacement

See below how Carglass® can replace a cracked side window.

πλαϊνό κρύσταλλο

1. Cleaning inside and out

We remove any scattered glass from your vehicle as thoroughly as possible, even cleaning the inside of the door when removing it, before fitting the new glass.

2. New side glass customization

The new glass is then carefully fitted to the vehicle and we make sure it can open and close properly.

πλαϊνό κρύσταλλο
Πλαϊνό κρύσταλλο

3. Completion of work

After installing the new glass, we again carefully clean the interior of the vehicle and reinstall the inner door frames so that it functions properly and looks like new.

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